Eye Witness Account to Okinawa

Remembering a true yet humble hero!

Pacific Paratrooper

This story was contributed by fellow blogger, Mike Tuggle, in tribute to his father, who sailed his final voyage this past Saturday.

My account of the Invasion of Okinawa

By:  Clayton C. Tuggle

I was one of the approximately twelve hundred men aboard the USS Birmingham CL-62. We set out for Okinawa in March, 1945.

Clayton Tuggle

Arriving in Okinawa, we were stationed about five miles from shore. We bombarded the island with 6-inch guns at night hitting several ammunition dumps and shore guns of several sizes. This went on until the invasion began on April 1, 1945. This battle was something entirely different from any the Navy had experienced. Torpedoes were exploding all around our ship, the skies were full of explosions from guns on both sides.

On the 5th of May, 1945, I was cleaning officers’ quarters when the captain [John Wilkes] came on the PA system…

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7 thoughts on “Eye Witness Account to Okinawa

  1. A story told with plain straightforward language. Must say this one left me filled with emotion. It is amazing what men endure. I am in awe of it. It left me in tears. There is a mighty cost for freedom and these stories must not be lost. I don’t know what is being taught in history classes now but this should be taught. Everyone is too afraid of offending someone to tell the truth.

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