When Writing Advice Becomes Too Much

Writer/Blogger K.M. Allan tells it like it is!

K.M. Allan

First, let me say I understand it’s ironic to write a post about writing advice being too much on a blog about writing advice, but I’m going to be as ironic as Alanis Morissette—and as bad as that dated reference—and write about it anyway. Most likely to the song, because let’s face it, it’s in your head now too, right?

Second, I will say writing advice is great and I wouldn’t have achieved anything without it. If I hadn’t followed advice for forming a writing habit, my YA series would still be where it was five years ago—a sad, one book draft on my computer, rarely worked on with weak outlines for the other three books. Now the series, although still on my computer, is four complete books at various stages of not as sad drafts.

Another reason writing advice is great is that without it, I wouldn’t have…

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9 thoughts on “When Writing Advice Becomes Too Much

  1. A Knotty Post
    I have read K.M. Allan’s post entirely and it inspired me. Writing is a little like bondage – full of knots and threads of grammar and rules pushing and pulling a writer until we feel each step is a trap to tie us tighter into a net of rope that we really do want to experience the pleasure of moving through with authority. Critiques are an art form and the best ones are maps of red ink written by writers with mastery in their craft. Writers have weak points and gaps in what we should know. A critique from someone who knows our work should be like a string you pull that is attached to all the weak points and pulls the entire net free so there is an “Aha!” moment that leaves us breathlessly free with a sigh of understanding where we can lean on those binding rules as a tool that serves to deepen character development and connection the writer feels to the work. This is a thank you to Michael for doing just such a critique on a chapter of mine that threw open the door. Rules, in their best form, are tools to connect us to our works, not clobber us into disconnection, which is the death of a work.

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  2. I know, you’re ‘just a country lawyer’. LOL Anyway it was a bullseye and I have had lots of teachers and lots of critiques. I hope you are having a cooler day and can go out on the deck. It is 110 degrees here. No body is outside. Have a great evening! 🙂

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