Whaddya Mean You Don’t Like My Protagonist?!

Sound advice from writer/blogger Anne Clare—-

playground 1I first posted this over a year ago, before most of you had joined me here. It seemed worth a revisit, in hopes that the little writing lessons I have learned (sometimes the hard way!) will be useful.  -Anne

Playgrounds are difficult. Supervising three children on our morning excursions leaves me longing for my afternoon coffee.

My eldest is an organizer. Last week she had half a dozen kids using the wood chips that covered the ground as ‘ice cream’ in a makeshift shop, which they ‘sold’ to other children, stashing other wood chips in a hole in the playset for a bank… it was elaborate.

My middle child has followed his big sister around for years, allowing her to run the games. That era seems to be ending. He will still go along, when he wants to, but he is also beginning to assert his independence. He spent most of that…

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8 thoughts on “Whaddya Mean You Don’t Like My Protagonist?!

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      • It was a complex post that had humor and also the difficulty of watching children and protecting them. I saw the humor first and then the other came to me and I saw that it is a very creative post in mixing things in such a way. I like to laugh and sometimes there is not much to laugh about but this was done beautifully. It was a gift of laughter and it was more than that. Thanks Michael. and Clare.


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