A Picture is worth a Thousand Words!

“Devil with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress, Devil with a blue dress on!”

Bill's Blue Dress


2 thoughts on “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words!

  1. Yes. I have not looked too much into this whole thing because it has been obvious for many years that the problem of sex trafficking and buying children goes to the very top. I have had no real hope that it would ever change as the experience of being in a group of women with Dissociative Identity Disorder (they say it does not exist) which I can identify with but do not have showed me the incredible terror the women had and specific places and groups where the people in charge, both male and female used and bought them and basically destroyed their lives.
    It is hard to describe the level of fear that I felt when I heard their stories and saw their alters coming out. I have lived with this fear for many years and it has held me back and terrified me to the point that I have not even read this stuff until Michael posted it. Even at this point I am ambivalent about discussing it as the fear level is so high that all I really want anymore is peace. If you write about it no one wants to read it. If you have lived it no one understands the shame and loss of power people experience because no one wants to talk about it. Every day is a battle and that is why some just want to die. It is like all the other things in life that people face. At some point a survivor needs to, has to come to the point where life does not matter in the usual sense but it matters in a way that I really can’t say at the moment.
    Yes, I see that the man has hanged himself. I am not impressed. I read these stories over and over and I will continue to write and post regarding it.
    Sadly, I really do like sex and I really do like men. I do not see this as a problem with men’s male toxicity (is that a word) as I am a survivor who has had help mainly from men. One of my main abusers was female and I am not sure she was not the most evil. Still, where did she come from?
    Michael, thank you for posting this. What I have said I have not said before online because of the extreme power involved in it all. Sorry the post is so long, but I have had years to think about it and sometimes too much fear is just too much.


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