Series Bible: What To Include And Why Writers Should Have One

K.M. Allan on the Writer’s Bible —

K.M. Allan

Not content with writing just one book, some writers tackle a series.

I did this for the first manuscript I decided to write seriously (either bravely or stupidly, I still haven’t decided), and one thing I learned was that it pays to have a series bible.

A series bible is a document made up of all the notes, secrets, and information relating to your series. The same principles can be applied to standalone books, but where a series bible really shines is keeping everything straight amongst multiple books. This is the reason why all writers should have one.

What To Include In Your Series Bible


List everything you can about your characters. What they look like, who they’re related to, who they’re friends with. Note down their goals, dreams, where they go to school, if they have a job, what happened in their past. It doesn’t have to be…

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3 thoughts on “Series Bible: What To Include And Why Writers Should Have One

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  2. A Series Bible is a sound idea. I find notes, ideas, thoughts, hand-written drafts, and secrets all through the stack of notebooks I keep and am constantly surprised by new ideas that are really locked in my subconscious from these previous notes. My habit of writing, then letting a draft sit – either overnight or longer works for me in general and I see that it works over longer periods of time when I search for lost passwords in the notebooks and find the above. I wish I were organized enough to color code things. As for chocolate I have eaten enough today that I don’t want dinner. Maybe just green tea.

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