My Novel: Watching a Glass Shatter

A Novel by James Cudney–Watching a Glass Shatter

This Is My Truth Now

It’s been a few months since I mentioned anything about my first novel, Watching a Glass Shatter, which prompted me to assemble this post as a way to share its current status. As you already know about the second book, Father Figure, I wanted to reveal a little more about the first.

Watching a Glass Shatter is the story of a ~65ish widow, Olivia Glass, who receives shocking news after the unexpected death of her husband, Ben. In a letter Ben left behind as part of his will, he confesses a secret about one of their five adult sons, but fails to specifically mention which one. Wretched with anger and fear, Olivia asks the attorney to investigate Rowena Hector, the mysterious woman whom Ben names in his last communication. While the attorney searches, Olivia embarks on a journey with each son to share one final moment and connection before the…

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I Had to Go Down to the Post Office*

From Mystery Writer/Blogger Margot Kinberg—-

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

As this is posted, it’s the birthday of the United States Post Office. Of course, there’ve been postal services for hundreds of years; and, even with today’s easy access to email and texts, the postal service is still important.

It certainly matters in crime fiction. I’m sure we could all think of crime novels where the plot hinges on a letter (or the absence of one). But it’s not just letters themselves.

For one thing, there’s the letter carrier. They can be interesting characters in and of themselves. There is, for instance, a G.K. Chesterton short story (no titles – I don’t want to give away too much) in which a postman figures strongly into the plot

And there’s Joseph Higgins, whom we meet in Christianna Brand’s Green For Danger. He’s a postman who, at the beginning of the novel, delivers a series of letters to different characters. The…

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Psst, I Got a Boat Over Here

Flash-fiction by fitfulfearfulphantasmal

Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal

How friggin lame is it that I brought two prescription pill bottles and a gun? she asked herself. Talk about overkill. She smirked; pun time was any time.

A perfect, dump-a-body pond was the predetermined spot, about an hour drive by backroads. Seated on its bank, ignoring the rotten egg smell, she dangled her legs in the water and laid the items between them. One. Two. Three. All lined up, an ever-ready death parade.

She’d already memorized where her parents kept their meds when she stole them a couple hours ago. Sometimes, she’d stared absently into the medicine cabinet after her long, Sunday night baths–the ones when she made little Ice Cream Mountains on her knees with the shaving cream, then nicked herself on purpose with the shaver and smeared little frowny faces with the blood.

downloadFirst on the bank, was her mom’s depression meds–looking like they’d plopped out of…

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Wine Country

A Short Story from Mystery/Crime Writer/Blogger Margot Kinberg—-

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Not long ago, I had a terrific comment exchange with crime writer and fellow blogger Christine Poulson . At the time, she challenged me to write a story that begins and ends with exactly the same sentence. I accepted the challenge, and I’m delighted to say that Christine agreed to do her own story, also beginning and ending with the same sentence.

Below is the story that came from this conversation. And be sure you check out Christine’s story, which is right here. Try her crime fiction, too – you won’t be disappointed.

Wine Country

‘You’re going to love this place.’
Gabe looked around behind him at the group of people on the bus. Nine of them this time – a nice number. Easy to keep track of, but a big enough group that they’d start talking to each other once they’d visited a couple of the wineries on…

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Deadly Spirits by Michael Helms (McClellan Mystery Series Book #4) @EMichaelHelms




When PI Mac McClellan’s girlfriend convinces him to join the Palmetto Paranormal Society, he becomes embroiled in a case of whooodunnit. The society president, while investigating an old hotel, is found dead at the foot of the stairwell, his neck broken. The man’s secretary and current squeeze stands horrified beside his body. Authorities rule the death an accident. Mac has doubts—no one heard the man tumbling down the stairs. Then the secretary dies in an apparent suicide. Two deaths in two paranormal investigations, and not a peep out of either victim. Mac suspects there’s more going on than a vengeful spirit. Book 4 in the Mac McClellan Mystery series, which began with Deadly Catch.


Although this is book 4 in the series there was no problem at all reading it as a stand alone as the story is complete. The characters had…

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Split Seconds: A tangled web of secrets, lies and deceit! Pre-Order Your Copy Today! Bonuses Available! by Maggie Thom

Twins separated as toddlers, reunited as adults and now switching places in a deadly game to take on organized crime.

Her sister is alive! Excited to discover that her twin didn’t die as a toddler, Tijan can’t wait to meet her other half but she struggles to understand why her only sibling hasn’t reached out in almost thirty years. Although the reunion is joyous, not everyone is excited to discover that there are two of them. Using it to her advantage, Tijan is determined to take down the one man, responsible for it all… her father. The secrets and lies that have kept them apart, soon unravel but with deadly consequences.

Publication day, July 20th

Here’s What Readers Are Saying:

“Wow… just finished reading Split Seconds and it was so fast paced! The action in the story was breathtaking – I was taken on such a roller coaster and couldn’t believe how strong Tijan was and how bad the villains were.  Exciting stuff.  …this exciting storyline could easily be read as a stand alone book – it was excellent!”

Sue Ingram

Just when you think Maggie Thom is at the top of her game, she writes another suspense that takes her to yet another pinnacle. In Split Seconds, identical twins separated as toddlers are reunited. Thom tells the story of their separation in chilling detail that brought tears to my eyes, forced the adrenaline to pump and caused my maternal instincts to feel their agonizing pain—and that was only the beginning. Lest you think all falls into place when they meet again years later, you’d better hang onto your seat because you’re in for more twists and turns than a world-class roller coaster. Thom kept me guessing to the very end with her skillful writing, believably flawed and engaging characters and intriguing subplots. I highly recommend this book.

P.M. Terrell – Internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning author

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Six Months: Adrift–And I’m Still Floating!

Micki Browning celebrates six months ADRIFT—-

Micki Browning

Adrift ARCs

It’s hard for me to believe Adrift released six months ago. Since January, I’ve experienced things I’d only dreamed about–holding an advanced reader copy of my book, staging a book launch, compulsively checking my rating status, watching it climb into the Amazon Top 100, crying when the little Best Seller banner showed up next to my title.

Bestseller Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.49.13 AM

Then there were the things I couldn’t even imagine:

45 in Mystery Thriller suspense

I made it higher on the list, but being surrounded by the likes of Stephen King, Steve Berry, and Jeffery Deaver started another whole round of waterworks.

Then, there was the two-week stretch I didn’t sell a single book, and thought That’s it. Done. Or the 2-star review posted to Goodreads where the reader hated everything about my book, and for a day negated every single one of the 121 ratings from readers who loved the same story and gave it 4 or 5…

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Review: At the Drop of a Hat

An in-depth review of AT THE DROP OF A HAT, by blogger James J. Cudney IV

This Is My Truth Now

At the Drop of a Hat3 out of 5 stars to At the Drop of a Hat, the third book in the “Hat Shop” cozy mystery series, written in 2015 by Jenn McKinlay. Another good book by this lovely author… serves as a model cozy with light humor, romance and mystery.

Why This Book

I’d purchased a few of these paperbacks on Amazon earlier this year, wanting to have a few cozy mysteries to include in between my NetGalley Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) books. Jenn McKinlay is a fun writer and the books take place in my favorite place, England. I had just finished the second book in this series last week and wasn’t ready to give up the characters, so I read this one back-to-back.

Plot, Characters & Setting

Cousins Scarlett (American) and Vivian (British) are at it again in this whodunit caper set in London. A young bride-to-be, Ariana, wanders into…

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Come Visit Annika Perry’s Enchanted Haven!

Annika Perry's Writing Blog

20170701_110433Last weekend I fell a little bit more in love with life.

Every journey I set off on, I feel a flutter of excitement, a bundle of palpable nervous energy, never quite knowing what to expect.  A short weekend break booked on the spur of the moment a few days ago was no exception! For our first trip away on our own in fourteen years, my husband and I decided our anniversary was a perfect opportunity for some time-out; June had been, for various reasons, a hectic stressful month with little opportunity to just stop and be together.

North Norfolk proved the perfect haven; a blissful retreat from our busy schedules and our brief sojourn there seemed to last a week as the peace and tranquility washed over us, tension headaches easing, laughter and lightness returning.


How could this vast empty beach fail to soothe? Trudging through the slip-sliding shingle…

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